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Practice Areas

I. Labor Law
Collective (collective bargaining agreements, business agreements, preparation of labor regulations), Individual (conclusion, management and termination of employment contracts, representation at Labor Inspection Authorities) and trade union law (company and branch unions).

II. Civil Law
1. Tenancies (commercial and residential tenancies, Leasing).
2. Family Law (Divorces - Custody - Alimony)
3. Contracts (property sales/purchases, project contracts, gratuitous loans for use, leasing)
4. Inheritance Law (inheritance disputes, wills, certificates of inheritance).

III. Commercial Law
1. Corporate law (company's incorporation, modification of articles of association, minutes of BoD/GM, mergers, acquisitions, branch secessions).
2. Industrial Property Law (Trademarks, patents)
3. Securities Law

IV. Administrative Law
Actions, Recourses, Requests for cancellation of administrative acts

V. Compulsory Execution Law
Claim collection procedure resulting from checks, bills of exchange, etc (Examination of titles, attachments in the hands of third persons, auction sales)

VI. Criminal Law

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